Introducing Community Forums!

We are pleased to announce that we have created community discussion forums for our customers. We have started with just two sections, but we can expand as the conversations do! 

User Feedback 

We welcome you to (and actually want you to!) provide feedback about our platforms. We are looking to gather all feedback from all types of customers so we can see the trends and common threads. We can't promise to make every change you suggest, but we do promise to consider them all. 

Start by adding a quick discussion about an idea you have to improve your experience. Review other users' ideas and vote on them if you agree or disagree. Check back on your ideas to see if we were able to implement them—we will try to tag each as it is planned or implemented. 

We started with our online portal and our mobile products. We can certainly add more categories as the need arises. 

Community Help 

This category is open for all of our customers to try helping each other. Feel free to post questions or ask for advice from your peers. 



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