Exciting Changes!

We are pleased to announce that we have improved our user experience! We have redesigned our portal interface to make it easier for users. We are actively rolling out these changes to our customers, so if you are not seeing them yet, they are coming soon!

What can you expect? 

  • We improved the login process so that all users can log in from our main website and be directed exactly where they should be based on the organization they belong to.
  • We expanded the portal view to be full screen - no more margins! 
  • We improved overall navigation - starting with a library you can now customize! You can add preferred products to your library to view those by default. You can also easily toggle between release years and versions for each product. 
  • We have moved the playlist feature to a pop out window- making room for a larger video playback area. The rolling transcript is still available beneath the video window where it is less distracting. We also made it easier to build playlists with the ability to add entire topics with a single click. 
  • When viewing a lesson from a pre-defined list (course, playlist, workflow) you will see the list of lessons to the right of the video so that you can navigate through without leaving that screen. 
  • In your profile, we have made it much easier to update payment credentials, cancel or purchase subscriptions, and we have given you the ability to specify your preferred products for the library.


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