Release Notes : CADLearning Portal V3.0

Improvements for your users:

  • The login process has been streamlined to be much more user-friendly.
  • The portal window is now full-screen — no more margins!
  • The entire site is now easier to navigate, starting with a product library you can customize! You can add preferred products to your library to view those by default in the product ribbon. And you can always expand the ribbon to see more.
  • The new product page allows you to toggle the library of lessons between courses and workflows in a single interface. All available assessments and resources are now displayed to the right of the topic list.
  • The video player is bigger and better than ever with auto-scaling. Variable speed playback is now fully supported.
  • The rolling transcript is still available beneath the video window, where it is less distracting.
  • When viewing a lesson from a pre-defined list (course, playlist, workflow), you will see the list of topics or lessons to the right of the video so that you can easily navigate through without leaving that page.
  • Playlists are now in a fly-out window. You can see whom you have shared your playlist with, and you can cancel sharing of the list.
  • Entire topics can be added to Playlists with just one click!

Improvements for Administrators:

  • A default group is now available for administrators to define content visibility for all users who are not already included in a group.
  • Reports have been completely redesigned, offering on-screen analysis of activity and assessment data in predefined reports. You can still download the full data set to create your own.
  • You can now analyze activity and assessment data through third-party reporting options, such as Excel, Power BI, Tableau, etc.

Improvements for Custom Content Creators:

  • A custom course fly-out window, just like playlists, allows you to add existing content quickly to your custom courses. There is a more detailed page for adding custom resources or lessons available by clicking "More" or by using the Organization menu.
  • You can now create a truly static assessment for benchmark reporting. With this type of assessment, once you publish it, you cannot make any further changes to the assessment, to ensure that all users answer the exact same questions.
  • The assessment description is now displayed to the user at the product page.
  • You can now upload a custom image for the product library ribbon.

Improvements for Partners:

  • A new Subscription tab in the user view allows you to view existing subscription info and add new ones. You can also enter renewals before the expiration of a subscription to avoid any sort of lapse.
  • A new partner role for sales allows sales users to register deals, work with quotes, and view documents.


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    Robert Scott Taylor

    It works great now!

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